Emily Meyer

Mt. Si

emily meyer

Applied Mathematics

University of California, Davis

MSB 3125

emeyer [at] math [dot] ucdavis [dot] edu



I received my PhD in 2021 from the applied math graduate group at UC Davis.



My PhD research is in the application of mathematical models to analyze various facets of cardiac pacemaking, particularly the robustness of synchrony in the sinoatrial node and the kinetics of heart rate modulation by the sympathetic nervous system. I have also done research in experimental neuroscience (investigating the mechanism of food- and drug-induced circadian rhythmic patterns via the suprachiasmatic nucleus of the mouse brain) and in analysis (using variational methods to study two-parameter eigencurves for the p-Laplacian Sturm-Liouville equation). Contact me for any additional details!


Associate Instructor:

  • MAT 012 (Summer Session II 2018): Precalculus

Teaching Assistant (recent):

  • MAT 111 (W21): History of Mathematics
  • MAT 189 (S20): Advanced Problem Solving
  • MAT 22A (W20): Linear Algebra
  • MAT 108 (F19): Introduction to Abstract Math
  • MAT 119A (F18): ODEs
  • MAT 025 (F17): advanced calculus/introductory real analysis
  • MAT 017C (S17): calculus for biosciences
  • MAT 017A (F16, W17, F18, F20): calculus for biosciences