Edge Cellular Automata

J. Gravner and D. Griffeath

The latest version of the paper Robust periodic solutions and evolution from seeds in one-dimensional edge cellular automata.
This work was partially supported by the National Science Foundation and the Republic of Slovenia′s Ministry of Science.
Links to cellular automata simulation software: MCell, Golly.
The Stage I label tree text files below list each numbered node, its generations, parent and children (if any), its label, and, when it is a leaf, reason for no children. When the final Stage I tree exists, we also provide its picture. Output of an R-algorithm is in the RPS information files. For each entry, the first line includes the handle and link sizes, and the density of the pattern. The following lines form an rle input file, recognized by Golly, and ending with !. The rest of the entry gives binary handle+link data for each of the π temporal shifts. (Here, π is not reduced so any file includes RPS of all lower temporal periods.)
Range 2 examples (in parentheses, Wofram code for the elementary cellular automaton with the listed left edge dynamics); the red letter that follows indicates the class (see Section 8 of the paper):
Range 3 totalistic examples: