The Emerging Scholars Program at UC Davis

The Emerging Scholars Program at UC Davis

The Emerging Scholars Program at UC Davis

The Emerging Scholars Program at UC Davis
The Emerging Scholars Program at UC Davis

The Emerging Scholars Program (ESP) is a comprehensive program for responsible, motivated, enthusiastic, and hardworking freshmen and sophomores enrolled in first-year calculus (Math 21ABC) who enjoy the challenge of mathematics and the company of other people. The Program seeks to assist students in successfully meeting the new and exciting challenges offered by the University. ESP will facilitate the development of advanced study skills and establish for each student the firmest possible foundation in calculus, the course which will lay the groundwork for a significant number of courses at the University. Those students selected to participate in ESP will be given special instruction and support during the entire first year of calculus.

Because calculus is a "make or break" course for so many majors, ESP is aimed primarily at insuring success in calculus. To this end, ESP at UC Davis has adapted the best features of similar programs at UC Berkeley and the University of Texas. The Department of Mathematics fully supports this effort and has assigned Dr. D. A. Kouba as Director of the ESP laboratories, currently two labs of 40 students each meeting four hours per week. The four hours per week in the lab will be mandatory for all students in the Program and will focus on interpersonal communication in the context of collaborative, small-group problem solving, and on not simply understanding the calculus material, but in mastering it to the point of excellence.

Clearly, this program is not for all students-- not even all good students. Many students will not want to make the commitment required by the Program. (The students are expected to have the bulk of their regular homework finished before they come to the laboratory and to assist other program members as the need arises.) However, all participants should expect to enjoy the most stimulating and supportive environment that the University and the Department of Mathematics can provide.

ESP has been a highly successful Program since its inception in the 1990-1991 academic year. For a published article on the Emerging Scholars Program see

The Emerging Scholars Program at U. C. Davis--
A Recipe for Success in Engineering Calculus
by Duane Kouba,
UME TRENDS, Volume 7, No. 5, November 1995, pp. 8-9.

If you are interested in the Emerging Scholars Program or would like more information, call (530)752-1083 or 752-6722, or write to :

Dr. D. A. Kouba
Department of Mathematics
University of California, Davis
Davis, CA 95616.

You can also contact me via e-mail :