Matt Litman
Graduate Student in Mathematics, UC Davis
Email:       Office: 2137 MSB


I am a fifth year graduate student in the pure mathematics group at UC Davis interested in computational number theory, where I investigate number theoretic problems through computer experimentation. Past and present work of mine includes the study of rational approximations via backwards continued fractions, expansions of the Riemann xi function in different orthogonal polynomial bases, distribution of primitive roots modulo different primes, value sets and sums over value sets for integral polynomials over finite fields, the algebraic-geometric dichotomy of higher dimensional integral sphere packings, and the orbital structure of automorphisms acting on graphs arising from surfaces defined by diophantine equations (i.e. Markoff triples). The common thread across all of these topics is the use of computer experimentation to gather evidence, form conjectures, and illuminate possible proof techniques.

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Simulations, Translations & Prelim Solutions

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Current:   Mat 250A                                                      

Past: Mat 21B (TA and Instructor), Mat 21C, Mat 67,
            Mat 115A (TA and Instructor), Mat 125A,
            Mat 135A (Discussion Notes), Mat 145 (Instructor),
            Mat 150A, Mat 150B, Mat 150C (Discussion Notes),
            Mat 167, Mat 185B, Mat 250A